As we all practice social distancing, wear masks, and get vaccinated, we all yearn to get back to a place of normalcy, back to a simpler time. Back to a time we could belly up to the bar and have a beer and a conversation with an old friend. Despite the different opinions we have, we can all agree upon the desire for life as we remember it, a time of freedom and fresh air. It's up to all of us to get through this together. So, as the '80s sitcom Cheers reminds us, let's all get back to Norm.  So call up Cliff Clavin, Sam Malone, Woody Boyd, and Frasier Crane and let them know the time will soon come when we can drink together again.  We have captured this slogan and printed it on t-shirts and yard signs. We also have bingo games and other party supplies necessary for any special event.  Please show your support with this creative slogan to get back to the world we once knew.
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