How to Host a Bob Ross Party

Posted on October 22 2018

How to Host a Bob Ross Party
This party speaks to all of us who grew up watching Bob Ross, The Joy of Painting on PBS, and even now a younger generation watching him on YouTube.  Bob Ross is a man who instilled the beliefs of kindness, caring, and the love of nature and animals alike. He gives us a reason to party and celebrate. Let's face it, we could all use a little Bob in our lives right about now.  So let's all pick up a brush and get crazy!
Bob Ross Party Supplies Happy Trees Happy Mountains quotes on all the items
First, get enough paints and canvases, enough for each guest.  
Next: Play any Bob Ross video* straight through without pushing pause. The idea is to see who can paint fast enough to keep up with Bob. The reveal of everyone's masterpieces at the end of the night is both impressive and hilarious! 
*You can find most of his videos on YouTube for free.
Bob Ross Party Napkins paper cups that look like paint cans and little art easels
 Don't forget to add some of these party essentials that can either assist with eating, painting, drinking or all the above. Miniature art easels are perfect as name tags at the head of each of your place settings. "Happy Little Tree" beverage napkins are made of 3 ply tissue and are there to mop up any happy little accident. The 9 oz. paper party cups, made to look like authentic paint cans, hold both hot and cold beverages. 
Bob Ross Edible Cake Sheet Dinner plates and beverage napkins
When it's time for dessert, we've got you covered, literally and figuratively.  Our Printed Edible Cake Sheets are made from premium icing paper and are nut-free. We have three different Bob Ross designs to choose from to match any mood or occasion. Don't forget extra plates and napkins!


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