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This Bob Ross Bingo Game Is My Family’s Social-Distancing Hack

"... After five weeks of quarantine, we are now on the third game, with each winner agreeing to contribute the next game’s prize. There are many things I miss about getting together with the fam — like copious amounts of pasta and my Aunt Mayrita’s delicious cheesecake — but this is plenty to get me through until we can do that again.Ross: The Joy of Painting, which ran from 1983 to 1994. (If you’re not a Bob Ross fan, the same company makes Golden Girls Bingo, as well.) The game comes with 16 bingo cards, a deck of image cards that match the vignettes on the bingo cards, and a bunch of little cardboard discs used to mark images as they are called."  ~ Liza Corsillo 


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Whether you're gathering for an informal dinner at a friend's home or renting out a private room at a restaurant and pulling out all the stops, we all know that good decorations can take birthday parties to the next level. ...

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I wanted to throw a Bob Ross themed birthday party for my sister and this party set had everything I needed. Every detail was great from the plates, the napkins, the cups to the table cover. My sister loved it and the cake topper that I purchased separately was just the icing on the cake (pun intended).

Eli Fakar


This is a great party pack. Great variety of quality products. I really like the napkins. We had a fun Bob Ross bday party for my friend. Dont forget to paint t happy trees at your party. Cuz ain't no party like a Bob Ross party cuz a Bob Ross party don't stop till someone paints a happy tree!

Mrs. C


These party supplies were a huge hit. My niece loved it. She has been a painter and recently discovered Bob Ross. This was a party right up her alley. I sent it to my sisters house and while I couldn’t be there for the actual party, I was updated on the amount of fun they were having! Thanks for a quality product!

C. Urban


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