NEW! Star Trek Tricorder Cosplay Favor Box

Flashback to 1975, this tricorder replica, made from thick paper, is perfect for use as a party favor box or gift box. Based on the tricorder used in the original Star Trek series used by Spock and the crew. The television screen on the inside reveals Mr. Spock giving the Vulcan salute.

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A Dozen Red "Roses"

Less than a real bouquet plus traditional rose bouquets are expected and ordinary; your special someone is anything but ordinary. Roses are known throughout time as the single-most iconic representation of love and dedication. Giving these "fresh" flowers will not only speak for themselves but also remind that person how well you really know them. You don't get that level of personalization with standard Roses. You will only find these unique licensed party supplies at Prime Party


Invite Bob Ross to Your Graduation

Bob Ross, the famous oil painter who taught us to appreciate Burnt Sienna and to embrace our creative side has his own line of products at Prime Party! Shop our our Graduation Selection.

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Star Trek Life-Size Cardboard Cutouts

Feeling lonely? How about beaming up the entire crew of the Starship Enterprise right to your living room? Check out our complete line of original series characters here at our unique online party supply store.

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Birthday Breakfast in Bed with Llama Llama

Llama Llama Red Pajama party supplies are ideal for a birthday party or any Llama Llama themed celebration.

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Cheers to a Better Year

Like you, we’ve been team players in this whole thing, but we can barely remember what our lives were like before this whole pandemic got started. We vaguely remember meeting up with friends for coffee. Or how about a beer? Wouldn’t it be great to go to a bar again? And sit inside? With people? A place where, dare we say, everyone knows your name? Honestly, can’t we just get back to normal? Not the “new normal.” The norm. We’re so close.

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Abby Dalziel

Coming up with a party theme for a tween or teen is tough, but it isn’t impossible! Here are some epic party ideas that your kid is sure to love.

Tips for Throwing the Ultimate Star Trek Party

Shane Smith

Whether you’re an older or newer fan, Star Trek is an iconic series. To celebrate its 55th birthday, here are tips for throwing the ultimate Star Trek party.
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