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How to Host a 90s Party... 90210 Style! - Prime Party

How to Host a 90s Party... 90210 Style!

Beverly Hills 90210 Party 1990s Party theme

The 90s is, and was, the time to party.  90's parties are quickly becoming the top trending decade party, and we wanted to put in our 2 cents.  The 90s are particularly special to us because we both graduated class of '93.    We were right there when Donna Martin and the gang graduated.  It was a decade of colorful, flirtatious, fun. 

So where does one go from here when planning a 90s party? 

90210 Party Table Setting Plate Cup Favor Box


WE PUT THE "90" in 90210

Let them know it's going to be a 90210 themed party. Then decide are you going tradition 90s where people dress up in your typical 90s attire; 

Skate brands, Baggy jeans, Neon, Tie-dye, Tracksuits Goth, or Grunge. Play your favorite season of 90210 on the television in the background.

90210 Place Setting

As favors have neon fanny packs filled with nostalgic candies like Pop Rocks, Ring Pops, Nerds, and Blow Pops. Make a dreamy visual centerpiece using CDs and hot glue to hang above the table as a decade's visual queue.

Beverly Hills 90210 Party


Perhaps you go for the Donna Martin Graduates party in which case you have everyone break out their cap and gown to help the gang rally behind the school board to help Donna walk down the red carpet to her diploma.  The guest of honor will dress as Donna Martin.. We suggest nominating a school board committee at the party to listen to the graduate's plea to allow Donna to graduate.  One at a time, each person will give their speech to the board as to why they think Donna Martin should graduate.  Of course, there will need to be hand-made signs, a lot of chanting, and fist-pumping... but you get the point.  In the end, it will come down to one vote (spoiler alert), and the board will allow her to graduate, at which point everyone rejoices, and the nighttime festivities begin.



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