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About Us

Welcome to Prime Party, where we believe that every celebration should be fun and whimsical. We're Shane and Cara Smith, the dynamic duo behind the party supply store that's been making waves since May 2018.

As a graphic designer and party supply seller, we were already in the business of making people's lives more colorful and exciting. But we noticed that there was something missing in the party supply world: options for adults that were actually fun. No one wants to celebrate getting older with a depressing "Over the Hill" banner. We wanted to create options for people of all ages that were just as exciting as the options for kids.

That's when we had our lightbulb moment. Why not bring some of our favorite pop culture icons to the party scene? Who wouldn't want to celebrate their birthday with "The Golden Girls," "Bob Ross," or "Star Trek"? We knew we were onto something, and thus, Prime Party was born.

We don't just stop at offering unique and quirky themes, though. We also provide all the advice and props you need to make your celebration one-of-a-kind. Want to host a "Golden Girl's Friendsgiving"? We've got you covered. Looking for tips on how to create a "Bob Ross Titanium White Christmas"? We're here to help.

But we don't just cater to in-person celebrations. We also offer online "Cheers" bingo games, personalized "Star Trek" yard signs for celebrating new humans, and even flower bouquets featuring everyone's favorite Golden Girl, Betty White.

At Prime Party, we're always dreaming up new and exciting offerings to enhance your celebrations. You never know what we'll come up with next, but we promise it will always be fun and whimsical. So whether you're celebrating a milestone birthday or just looking to add a little extra pizzazz to your next get-together, Prime Party has got you covered.

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