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Pajama Party with Llama Llama - Prime Party

Pajama Party with Llama Llama


This charming Llama Llama party comes together effortlessly with Prime Party’s coordinated solutions.  So pull on your pjs and join the fun! 


Hmmm… Let us guess.  You’ve got Llama Llama Red Pajamas memorized cover-to-cover.  You catch yourself quoting Llama Mama throughout the day, and your little Llama fan drifts off to sleep each night imagining Llama Llama’s cozy bed. 

Amazing, right?  Betcha didn’t know we were psychic as well as awesome party designers!

Ok.  Ok.  Awesome party designers, yes. 


Wellll, we might have cheated on that one a bit.  See, at Prime Party we’ve got some enthusiastic Llama Llama fans of our own.  We don’t have to guess how important that fuzzy little guy can be to our little guys.  We know.  (Boy, do we know!) 

So, a boring run-of-the-mill Llama Llama party? 

No way.

But a pj party?  On Llama Llama’s super cozy bed? 

Now we’re talking! 

Llama Llama colorful, coordinated party place setting

“Every guest feels special sitting down to a perfect place setting.”



A thrilling celebration for your little llama is a breeze with Prime Party’s delightfully coordinated decorations.  We have everything you need.  And, seriously, it all wows. 

Which means Llama Mama can relax and enjoy the festivities, too.

Every guest feels special sitting down to a perfect place setting.  Check out these napkins, printed so you can customize the look you want by folding them in different ways.  How cool is that? 


Llama Llama party treat table full of goodies and charmingly decorated with Prime Party’s coordinated themed décor Llama Llama party treat table full of goodies and charmingly decorated with Prime Party’s coordinated themed décor

Who could resist this charming treat table loaded with goodies and playfully decorated with Prime Party’s themed décor?



We layered coordinated elements above a colorful banner to really pull the treat table together.  Our table is personalized for our guest of honor with Prime Party’s 12” Llama Llama Number Standee.  A great big number 3 to announce this important new year. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without Llama Llama himself.  He’s ready to hand out balloons, and at 60” tall you might just want to add him to your guest list. 


3 cupcakes with colorful, edible Llama Llama book cupcake toppers

We love our Llama Llama books, but thought there might be one way we could make them even better-- we turned them into cupcakes!       

Charm small and tall guests alike with these adorable edible book cupcake toppers!  One 8.5” x 11” edible sheet contains 12 Llama Llama book covers.  Ready to cut and apply to your homemade fondant book forms. 


Llama Llama party treat table featuring Llama Llemonade

Don’t forget the Llama Llemonade!


Happy little boy holding prize from Llama Llama Sur-Prize Punch party game

We filled our Sur-Prize Punch game with fun toys.  What surprises will your guests find?  Let us know in the comments section!



Everyone wins!  This Llama Llama Sur-Prize Punch Game is fun for all.  Fill with toys, goodies, even clues to another game.  And the best part?  (Aside from a houseful of exuberantly happy kids?)  When the party’s over, reuse it to reward your little llama for achievements, to brighten a glum day, or just because.  (Who says we need a reason to show a little love to our little loves?)  Prime Party’s Sur-Prize Punch game keeps the fun going as long as you want.


Smiling boy sitting at Llama Llama party table

Happy kids.  Happy folks.  Happy memories.  It’s easy with Prime Party!


And, voila!  Just like that, you’re the best mom around.  Find everything you need to create this fabulous Llama Llama party in a snap at  Then, tell us about it in the comments section.  We’d love to hear how our inspired party supplies helped you style your Llama Llama party!



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  • I love everything about this party! So cute!


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