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Max & Ruby Picnic | A Great Social Distancing Party Idea - Prime Party

Max & Ruby Picnic | A Great Social Distancing Party Idea

Let's face it, although we're cooped up in our homes to stay safe, as far as holidays, birthdays, baby showers, graduations, bridal showers, weddings... the show must go on! So how do we plan a party during this time and keep people safe?
We've challenged our party experts to help come up with some pretty creative solutions you can do right in your own home.

Party Set-Up Outdoors

  • Decide on a great, accessible location for hosting your party. Hosting outside will provide enough space for people to spread out and practice social distancing, plus lots of room for the kids to run and, well, be kids. 
  • Keep it quaint this year. It's a good idea to host smaller, more intimate gatherings up to 10 people. Maybe it's just the immediate family and perhaps a couple of their close friends this year.
  • If you invite people from outside your living circle, it might be best to dial-up grandma and grandpa over Zoom to keep them protected and safe.
  • Set up large tables or maybe use twice the space you would typically account to provide ample room for everyone. It might be a good idea for people to bring a blanket to sit on to help cut down on the laundry after the party.

Have Every Bunny Wear A Mask

  • On the invitation, asks your guests to please bring a mask to the party. Even though the party is outdoors, studies have shown that wearing a mash will significantly reduce the spread.
  • We strongly suggest having some disposable masks available for those who do not have one or just plain forgot to pack one along.
  • Go one step further and have a mask making party. The kids can all decorate bunny masks to fit the theme of the Max and Ruby party.
  • Have little bottles of hand sanitizer available for your guests. We advise sanitizing as guests arrive and throughout the party. Sanitizing wipes are also a great way to encourage staying safe while cleaning up after cake.

Social Distancing Food Ideas

  • Serve food in individual picnic baskets personalized with tags, so none confuses whos is whos when coming and going to the table.
  • Place factory wrapped goodies in the picnic baskets instead of serving cake.
  • Use sanitized wipes at the table for easy cleanup and safety.
  • We suggest serving drinks in closed bottles while applying our water bottle labels to ensure kids can write their names on them and not confuse them with anyone else's.
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