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Take Bob Ross Camping! - Prime Party

Take Bob Ross Camping!

Alright happy campers, it’s time to reconnect with each other and nature. Whether that means camping in the deep woods, pitching a tent in the backyard or just having friends over for a barbecue, we have just what you need to spice things up a notch. Bob.
Bob Ross, that iconic, calm-voiced painter and TV legend, loved the outdoors and surrounding himself with “happy little trees.” Invite him over for your next outing. His napkins, plates and cups are easy to pack and will turn any old regular campfire into something special.

S’more Bob

Smores Cup with all the fixings for Bob Ross Sores
Petty crimes like chocolate hoarding and fighting over roasting sticks can ruin an otherwise pleasant s’mores experience. To counteract potential flare ups, elevate your s’mores-building session with individual s’mores kits. These include roasting sticks and everything one would need to house a nice, burnt sienna marshmallow treat. Personalize each roasting stick with each guest’s name and include a Bob Ross drink cup filled with graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows. These cups will even fight inside your fold up chair’s drink holder. Crisis averted.


For a backyard party unlike any other, first dress up your picnic table with Prime Party’s classic tablecloth featuring some of Bob’s greatest works. Next, load it up with all the supplies needed to create your masterpieces whether that be hamburgers, hot dogs or even shish kabobs. (Yes, we went there.)
Dress up your bottled beverages with our Bob Ross Water Bottle Labels. They are waterproof (so they won’t come off with condensation) and come in four different designs and sayings to keep everything positive.
Pour favorite condiments into “paint” jars and label them with Bob’s favorite colors of choice (Cadmium Yellow Mustard, Titanium White Mayo, Bright Red Ketchup, Sap Green Relish, etc.) and apply with pastry brushes. Labels not for sale.  DIY Project.

Fun and Games

Before it gets dark, avoid awkward conversations with a fun game. Here are some of our favorites:

Pass the Painting: This can be done with washable tempera paint and sheets of poster board or sidewalk chalk. The first player starts a painting or drawing creating whatever image or scene that they want for one minute. When their time is up, the second player has one minute to add to the first player’s work of art. Continue with all of the players and then stand back and admire your group effort.

Pin-the-Squirrel on Bob Ross: What's a party without a little pin-the-tail anyway? And what's Bob Ross without a happy little friend? Take turns blindfolding your guests, spin them around (no peeking, no feeling), point them at the poster, and see who can stick the squirrel closest to the ghosted outline of the target on Bob's shoulder.

Bob Ross Bingo: This classic game re-imagined with Bob Ross in mind might not work in the deep woods, but can be a hit in the backyard. It plays just like the original. Just be sure to have some fun prizes for the winners!



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