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How to Host a Golden Girl-Themed Birthday Bash - Prime Party

How to Host a Golden Girl-Themed Birthday Bash

Maybe you’re a Golden Girl yourself, or you’re just a huge fan of this classic American sitcom. Or perhaps you fancy the premise of lounging inside the kitchen, conversing with your closest friends, and indulging in delicious foods—most importantly, a heaping slice of cheesecake—on your birthday.

Whatever your reason for doing so, hosting a Golden Girls-themed extravaganza is a guaranteed blast. Are you wondering how to host a Golden Girls-themed birthday bash that you and your guests will remember for years to come? Here’s how.

Dress For Success

You could always dress in your normal clothes, but where’s the fun in that? Encourage your guests to don their best late ‘80s apparel (or something Golden Girls-themed). Think wrap dresses, printed shirts, windbreakers, and lapel pins.

Don’t Forget the Décor

You wouldn’t have a Golden Girls-themed birthday bash without Golden Girls-themed décor! Decorate your space with some classic trends from the late ‘80s. That means pastels, geometric designs, and plenty of palm fronds. You can never go wrong with streamers, banners, balloons, and lawn signs. Make sure to get a themed party pack to serve your food on and a neat cake topper for mealtime, too.

Whip Up Some Cheesecake

It would be blasphemous to forget the food at a Golden Girls-themed party. You can whip up some decorated cutout cookies that would make Olivia proud or serve Italian dishes, such as antipasto and meatballs, as a nod to Sophia and Dorothy.

Dinner and snacks are served, but what about dessert? For dessert, forego the classic birthday cake and put candles on a saccharine cheesecake instead. Most episodes of the Golden Girls start or end with a cheesecake, so it’s only natural that your birthday should start or end with one, too.

Have Fun

The final tip on how to host a Golden Girls-themed birthday bash is to have fun! There are plenty of unique and fun games you can play at your party. Try out a round of Golden Girls bingo or play pin-the-glasses on Sophia. You can even set up a photo booth for your guests so they can snap some photos while dressed up as Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, or Sophia.

In need of Golden Girls party supplies for your upcoming birthday party or another exciting event? Come and check out Prime Party’s selection of Golden Girls dinnerware, decor, games, and more today!

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