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Bob Ross Graduation Party – The World is your Canvas - Prime Party

Bob Ross Graduation Party – The World is your Canvas

Bob Ross The World is Your Canvas Graduation Party Theme

Invite Bob Ross to Your Graduation

Every year, many wise people are quoted during graduation ceremonies all around the country. People like Mother Teresa, Bill Gates, Walt Disney and our favorite, Bob Ross. Yes, the famous oil painter who taught us to appreciate Burnt Sienna and to embrace our creative side has his own line of products at Prime Party which could make your high school or college graduation party as unique as your guest of honor.

The World is Yout Canvas Yard Sign

The World is Your Canvas

Start with our new 15" Tall x 23" Wide yard sign featuring Bob’s smiling face and the slogan, “Congrats Graduate – The World is Your Canvas.” It serves two purposes – letting everyone in the neighborhood know that you are the proud parent of a new graduate and that “the party is here!”

The world is your canvas Centerpiece Bob Ross Graduation party 

Set the Table

Dress up your party space with our durable 54” x 108” table covers that feature many original paintings from the master himself. This heavy-duty cover cleans up easy and is strong enough to use again for other celebrations. Choose our new 18” x 14” Bob Ross table top centerpiece to bring it all together.

Bob Ross Graduation Party items with plates cups and cake sheet
No celebration is worth having without cake. You could go with the tradition quarter sheet cake (8” x 10”) which would look great with Bob’s face on it, no? Our premium edible printed frosting sheet reminds your graduate that not that school is over, it’s time to go crazy. Just bring the design to your local bakery and before you can say “happy little trees” your simple cake will be transformed.

Bob Ross Cupcake Wrappers

If cupcakes are more your speed, try out our new Bob Ross cupcake wrappers. Each set of 12 comes with four different designs all featuring Bob’s endearing face. The wrappers are shipped flat. Just wrap them around the base of your cupcake and frost the top to resemble Bob’s hair and you’re done!

Water Bottle labels Bob Ross Graduations

Consider covering water bottles, vintage soda bottles or even wine coolers with our colorful bottlewraps. Each 16-piece set comes with four different designs and sayings making for great conversation starters.

Prime Party also offers a variety of Bob Ross-themed cups, plates and napkins.

Bob Ross Photo Booth background prop for Graduation

Colorful Selfies

Going along with the “world is your canvas theme,” we offer a new large backdrop for photo opps. The 46” x 54” backdrop features one of Bob’s paintings. The set includes a separate Bob Ross standee to place in the foreground if desire to have your picture taken with the master.


Don’t forget to wear your Bob Ross wig! (Yup, we have them too!)

Bob Ross Classic Games and Activities Graduation Blog

Game Face

Since we believe nobody really grows up, Prime Party has updated the classic pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey game to showcase Bob and his squirrel friends. Place the included blindfold over the player’s eyes, spin them around and let them try to put their squirrel on Bob’s shoulder. We also offer a Bob Ross Bingo and Ring Toss games as well!

Bob Ross Paint your own Path Signature Mat

Bob Ross Graduation Signature Matt keepsake gift

Guest Book Do-Over

Guest books are nice to record everyone who made it to the party, but it keeping with the theme, we’ve created a new Bob Ross signature matte. Have your guests sign the edges of the matte before they head home. Then, pop out the center piece and put a 5” x 7” photo of your kid in its place. An optional black frame is available too.

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