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Best Ways To Surprise Your Dad This Father’s Day - Prime Party

Best Ways To Surprise Your Dad This Father’s Day

Want to make Father’s Day something special this year? Last year probably wasn’t the most exciting Father’s Day, or maybe in the past you didn’t really go all out. This year, your dad deserves even more love.

But trust us—he doesn’t want another pair of socks or another hat with his favorite team’s logo plastered on. This year, your pops deserves something totally special and out of your element. Keep on reading to find some of the best ways to surprise your dad this Father’s Day.

Decorate The Yard

If your dad’s special place is out in the yard, then make sure to do something nice for it. Whether that means you mow the lawn and lay out the mulch or spend the day out there in the yard with him, he’s sure to appreciate it. Better yet, when you decorate the yard with his favorite things, he’ll be even more impressed and surprised!

Here at Prime Party, we have some outrageous Father’s Day yard signs to help you commemorate the holiday. From Star Trek and Bob Ross to Home Improvement and fishing puns, we can help you decorate in a way that’s specific to your dad’s awesome personality.

Give Him the Whole Day Off

We mean it. The whole day. He doesn’t have to do the dishes, whack the weeds, or even talk to you if he doesn’t want to (we’re kidding, of course!). Basically, the idea is to let your dad truly relax. This means you and the rest of the family will need to be on your A-game—stay super conscious of his needs and when he starts to move to cook dinner.

Take Him Out for a Day of Fun

The idea above and this idea here can really go hand-in-hand. He’ll get the whole day off from any work, and he’ll get to enjoy his favorite activities. A lot of people take their dads to the race tracks, baseball games, or their favorite restaurant.

Don’t be afraid to do a combination of his favorite things, too. Maybe it’s brunch at his favorite breakfast joint, a trip to the nearby zoo to see some hippos, and then a nighttime ball game. Remember—this day is to celebrate the special person your dad is. Really try to get him to relax and enjoy his favorite activities without worrying about your enjoyment!

Gather Some Old Friends

We can’t get enough of this idea. After over a year in a pandemic, maybe what your dad needs is some time with his buddies. Reach out to his friends and see if they can all gather for a Father’s Day Extravaganza! Bring out the grill, lay out the yard signs, and let them all enjoy each other’s company. We’ve listed a few places where you all could gather and celebrate:

  • A local park
  • A golf club
  • Someone’s backyard
  • Tailgating at a game

These are just a few ways to surprise your dad on Father’s Day. It all really comes down to recognizing your dad’s wants, needs, and interests. Don’t be afraid to ask what they’re looking forward to so you can better judge how they want to spend their day! And once you’re ready to decorate, turn to Prime Party—the online party supply store you’ve been looking for!

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