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Nurse Chapel Cardboard Cutout | Star Trek TOS

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NEW- Introducing the Nurse Chapel Life-Size Cardboard Cutout, the ultimate tribute to the iconic Star Trek character played by actress Majel Barrett! This incredible standee brings Nurse Chapel to life, allowing you to always have your very own loyal medical officer by your side.

Featuring a strikingly realistic depiction of Nurse Chapel, this life-size cardboard cutout is a must-have for any Star Trek enthusiast or fan of classic sci-fi. Standing tall at an impressive 75 inches, Nurse Chapel is perfectly scaled to make a statement in any room or space.

Thanks to the attached fold-out cardboard easel, setting up your Nurse Chapel standee is a breeze. No need for complicated assembly—unfold the easel, prop it up, and watch Nurse Chapel come to life before your eyes. The standee is thoughtfully designed to fold down into thirds, ensuring hassle-free transportation and storage, so you can take Nurse Chapel with you wherever you go.

The Nurse Chapel Life-Size Cardboard Cutout is perfect for a wide range of events and occasions:

  1. Star Trek-Themed Parties: Add an extra authenticity to your Star Trek-themed celebration with Nurse Chapel's presence. It's an excellent photo opportunity for guests and creates a fantastic atmosphere for the event.

  2. Fan Conventions and Comic Book Expos: Make heads turn and jaws drop as you proudly display your Nurse Chapel standee at fan conventions or comic book expos. It's an attention-grabbing centerpiece to spark conversations and draw fellow Star Trek enthusiasts.

  3. Movie Nights and Viewing Parties: Enhance your movie nights by inviting Nurse Chapel to join you while you watch your favorite Star Trek episodes or films. With Nurse Chapel standing tall beside you, you'll feel like part of the Starfleet crew, ready to boldly go where no one has before.

  4. Bedroom or Home Office Decoration: Give your personal space a sci-fi charm by featuring Nurse Chapel in your bedroom or home office. Not only will it ignite your imagination, but it will also serve as a constant reminder of the dedication and passion of the Star Trek universe.

  5. Pranks and Surprises: Want to surprise your friends or family? Nurse Chapel's life-size presence will undoubtedly catch them off, guard. Imagine their reaction when they encounter this unexpected visitor, bringing humor and excitement to any gathering.

Dimensions-wise, the Nurse Chapel Life-Size Cardboard Cutout measures an impressive 24" wide by 75" tall, ensuring an authentic representation of the beloved character's stature.

So, whether you're a devoted Trekkie, planning a Star Trek-themed event, or just looking to add intergalactic flair, the Nurse Chapel Life-Size Cardboard Cutout is the perfect companion. Get ready to boldly display and enjoy the company of Nurse Chapel right in the comfort of your own space!


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