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Unique Birthday Party Themes Kids Will Love - Prime Party

Unique Birthday Party Themes Kids Will Love

That special once-a-year event is quickly approaching. You have it marked on your calendar with stars and hearts, and your family has been abuzz with excitement for the past month or so, talking non-stop about what they think should happen during this happy occasion.

But, truthfully, you haven’t even started planning your child’s birthday bonanza. You’ve been muddling through the endless suggestions tossed your way and trying to piece them together, but you’re stuck.

Your child has offered up countless ideas. Unfortunately, having a mermaid-space-bigfoot-horse-football party sounds like a lot of work. It’s best to pick a single theme, but which themes make for the best parties? Here are some unique birthday party themes kids will love.

Town Fair

It’s a cherished memory for adults and an exciting time of year for kids. The fair has rolled into your town. In fact, it’s happening in your own backyard, and it’s only going to be around for one very special day.

A town fair–themed birthday is sure to delight both your kid and their crowd of guests. For food, set up a stand with carnival classics—corn dogs and pulled pork sandwiches for dinner, fried pickles and pretzels for a snack, and candy apples and cotton candy for dessert.

You’ll also need a plethora of games (with prizes to boot). Try out beanbag tosses, balloon pops, dino digs, and duck ponds. Don’t forget the entertainment; you can never go wrong with magicians, clowns, or a talented balloon artist!

Summer Camping

The next unique birthday party theme kids will love is summer camping. So long as the mosquitoes aren’t nipping at your skin, nothing is more fun than a camping trip with family and friends. But how do you enjoy the great outdoors without actually venturing into the great outdoors? Here are some fun ideas:

  • Make the decorations natural. Stay away from balloons or flashy streamers. Go with vines, flowers, and cardboard cutouts of forest animals instead.
  • Set up some tents and have a different activity in each one.
  • Fill a kiddy pool with water and toy fish, and host a fishing tournament.
  • Send your guests on a scavenger hunt.
  • Make food on an open flame or with camp cooking supplies for an authentic experience.
  • Don’t forget the s’mores and ghost stories. Light a bonfire, and gather everyone ‘round for some gooey goodness and spooky shockers.

Outer Space

Everyone’s been through a space phase at some point, and there’s a good reason for that. Space is awesome! Go with a classic space theme, decorating with papier-mâché planets, plastic aliens, glow sticks, and spaceships.

You can also use classic shows, such as Star Wars or Star Trek, for inspiration. Stock up on life-sized cardboard cutouts of Luke Skywalker, Spock, and other characters. For the truly ambitious, try to recreate the interiors of the Millennium Falcon or USS Enterprise in your family room.

Laser tag is a classic of most space-themed parties, but you can also get space-themed versions of bean bag tosses and other traditional party games. Food-wise, go crazy! Feed your guests actual space food, or concoct space-like delicacies—cupcakes decorated like planets or kabobs shaped liked rockets.

Looking to make your kid’s next birthday party special with an outer space-themed party? Prime Party has Star Trek party decorations that will make your child feel like a full-fledged member of the USS Enterprise’s crew. Come shop our full line of fun and unique party supplies today!

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