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How To Throw the Perfect Backyard Barbeque Party - Prime Party

How To Throw the Perfect Backyard Barbeque Party

There's nothing more thrilling than dragging the grill out from the garage and throwing on your chef’s apron after a taxing winter spent huddled up indoors. Say goodbye to days of shoveling snow, cranking up the thermostat, and sipping bland and boring soup on the couch. Instead, say hello to days of swimming in the pool, basking under the sun, and indulging in smokey meats and delicious snacks on the patio! If you're itching to start the summer with the barbeque party of a lifetime, here’s how to throw the perfect backyard barbeque party.

Devise the Perfect Plan

Before you can get the party started, you need to sort out a few crucial details. The date and time are good places to start. Not everyone can pack their stuff and drive over to your place on a whim, so make sure to choose a date that gives you—and your guests—ample time to prepare.

Speaking of your guests, you need to decide who you want to party with you. Maybe you want a small gathering with a handful of friends and family, or maybe you'd prefer a grander event with a sizeable pool of guests.

Lastly, choose a theme. You don't necessarily need to have a themed event, but it makes the bash a whole lot easier to plan and infinitely more fun. Once you have these details in order, make sure to send out invitations to everyone on your guest list. They won't know there's a party if you forget to tell them about it!

Don't Skimp on the Decor

There's no need to decorate if you're just leisurely grilling for your family and a few friends on the weekend, but when you make it into a party, your guests expect your backyard to be decked to the nines.

Make sure you have enough plates, cups, and utensils for your guests, for one thing. Not everyone enjoys eating with their bare hands! You should also ensure that there's plenty of fun to be had at your party by providing a variety of exciting games and activities (for adults and children alike.) To take your party to the next level, prettify your backyard with streamers, balloons, and fancy tablecloths. Regardless of how you choose to decorate, have fun and be creative. The world (or at least your backyard) is your oyster!

A Delicious (and Accommodating) Menu

The final tip on how to throw the perfect backyard barbeque party is to formulate a delicious menu. It wouldn't be a BBQ without a mouth-watering array of hamburgers, kebabs, chips, hot dogs, and more. It's important to set your menu in advance, so you have time to shop for and prepare the ingredients.

You can't go wrong with timeless BBQ staples, but if there are people attending your party with food sensitivities and allergies, accommodate them by offering a few options that are allergy-free or suited to their specific palates.

If you're in need of unique and creative licensed party supplies that the guests at your barbecue are sure to rave about, come and check our Prime Party's selection of themed supplies, games and activities, and yard signs today!

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