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Tips for Planning a Father’s Day As Special As He Is - Prime Party

Tips for Planning a Father’s Day As Special As He Is

Fathers deserve appreciation and love every single day of the year. However, their one day to shine falls on the third Sunday of June every year—Father’s Day! Here are some expert tips for planning a celebration that’s as special as he is. With some careful thought and a little advice, it’s sure to be a success.

Sooner Rather Than Later

As with any special occasion, starting the planning process early will ensure a successful Father’s Day. That means ironing out each and every detail a few weeks in advance. Secure reservations for brunch, dinner, a movie, a show, or any other activity you think your dad will enjoy.

Many of your local businesses that offer Father’s Day specials book up quickly, so act fast while space is available. Along with planning a special celebration, choose and purchase your gifts well in advance. This allows time for it to come in the mail, if necessary, and reduces a lot of stress with shopping. Don’t forget the card!

Plan Around His Preferences

If you really want your ol’ pops to enjoy Father’s Day properly, don’t hesitate to ask what he wants to do—this will make your life easier and guarantee a positive experience for everyone. You don’t have to spoil any surprises; rather, ask your father for general ideas. You can also ask leading questions a few weeks in advance to determine what activities he might enjoy.

If your old man enjoys the outdoors, plan for a nice, scenic hike or a day on the water. If he loves a huge, exquisite meal, make reservations at a restaurant of his liking. Ultimately, this keeps plans simple, saving you stress and providing the most pleasant Father’s Day.

Ditch Brunch—Throw a Party!

If your father is sick of celebrating routine Father’s Days, consider throwing him a full-out party instead! Invite the entire family to make an event that includes generations of patriarchs. You can even include other families in the neighborhood to honor each and every dad.

This option centers completely around socializing with the ones your dad loves most. Chances are good that he will appreciate this gesture even more than gifts and expensive brunches! You can even put together a fun theme to spice up the event. If you need the right supplies for this occasion, check out our collection on Prime Party’s online party store.

Planning a Father’s Day celebration that’s just as special as your dad might seem tricky, but ultimately, dads are easy to please! Just ensure the occasion is full of thought and centers around being with loved ones. We at Prime Party have any supplies you might need to make this Father’s Day a smashing success.

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