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4 Unique Ways To Announce Your Graduation - Prime Party

4 Unique Ways To Announce Your Graduation

Calling all soon-to-be graduates! Your time in high school or college is quickly ending, meaning you're entering the next exciting stage of your life. Sure, things might seem overwhelming, but now is the best time to enjoy this moment.

You've accomplished something truly amazing, and it's worth rewarding yourself. If you're hoping to spread the word about your fantastic news, or you're a parent looking for some advice, check out these four unique ways to announce your graduation.

Tell the Whole Neighborhood

What's the easiest way to alert everyone in your community that you're graduating? Deck your front lawn out with celebratory signs and decorations! Parents, this is an excellent surprise to gift your child, and setting it up takes little to no effort.

Gather some front yard announcement signs and arrange a display that overabundantly expresses your admiration for your kid's accomplishments. Get creative and find a theme that relates to their interests.

Send Out Themed Cards

Most people announce graduations by sending out cards to friends and family. In our opinion, that method is a tad overplayed. If your cards double as invitations to a celebration, why not pick a unique theme and design your cards to match your selected theme?

You might be wondering, "what theme goes well with graduation?" In truth, any theme! Just find the one that fits your or your child's interests and personality. It can be anything from a costume party to an art-themed event. If you’ve always been a fan of celebrated artist Bob Ross, Prime Party has you covered with excellent paint-themed party supplies for a truly unique announcement and party that nobody will forget!

Make Some Swag

If cards aren't your thing, consider printing some swag that proudly announces your accomplishments. Hand out custom shirts to your friends and family, and post those pictures online to share the good news.

You can even create custom pins to give to guests who attend your graduation party. Even a custom mug is the perfect gift for a loved one. This method is extremely creative, and it offers your friends and family a life-long memento to honor your academic success.

Include Your Peers

Chances are you made many friends along the journey to your graduation. Don't leave them behind! Try making a group announcement that celebrates ALL of your accomplishments, personally and as a team. Announcing with your peers offers more visibility, and it's a loving way to celebrate with the ones you care for the most.

Use these four unique ways to announce your graduation to ensure a memorable experience. Ultimately, this is your achievement to celebrate, so find the way that best fits you!

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