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Out of This World Ideas to Make Your Sci-Fi Party a Success - Prime Party

Out of This World Ideas to Make Your Sci-Fi Party a Success

A themed party is always better than a traditional celebration. It adds character and personality to your occasion and actually makes the planning process far easier. Seeing as the world is once again captivated with space travel, it is the perfect time to throw a cosmic-themed event. Here are some “out-of-this-world” ideas to make your sci-fi party successful.

Don’t Be Coy

The best way to create a steller—or, rather, interstellar theme—is by going all out. Don’t be coy with your decorations, activities, and food. Ensure every aspect of your event matches the sci-fi vibes. Spruce up your space with laser lights and glow-in-the-dark décor. In essence, your party should look like the world’s best laser tag arena ever. You can add to the ambiance by having a muted TV playing various sci-fi movies and TV shows in the background. Electronic instrumental music is another solid choice for helping solidify your theme.

Encourage Costumes

Themed parties are always a blast, but costume events take the cake! Encourage your guests to dress up as astronauts or characters from their favorite sci-fi media. Ensure your invitations stress how important it is that everyone gets in on the fun. You can even plan a costume contest, which is an easy and vastly entertaining party activity.

Never Forget the Snacks

You’ve decked your party space out with great decorations, and all of your guests are dressed up in fun, sci-fi costumes—what now? Every great themed event includes food and snacks that fit the vibe, too. Snacks such as homemade cosmic brownies or alien-looking cookies are a simple way to take your theme to another level. You can also color your drinks blue, green, and purple to give them that classic space look. Put signs next to every snack item with fun descriptions; for example, you can label cheese puffs as “moon balls.”

These fun, out-of-this-world ideas are sure to make your sci-fi party successful and memorable for many years to come. If you need additional party-planning resources, check out our excellent Star Trek party supplies here at Prime Party! Until then, live long and prosper.

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