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Prime Party Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Prime Party Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, everyone knows about the go-to one dozen red roses. You can’t go wrong with that but at Prime Party, we want to help you take your Valentine’s gift up a notch! Our One Dozen Roses Golden Girls Bouquet will put a smile on her face, bring joy and make her feel even more special.
We offer a couple of gift suggestions for valentine's day and we make it easy for you at our one-stop gift shop.
Surprise her with our Golden Girls Dozen Roses 13-Piece Yard Kit, featuring Rose Nylund played by the iconic Betty White.  This unique and fun Valentine’s Day gift for her will stand out for a dozen reasons!
Prime Party’s Valentine’s Day gift of Golden Girls Dozen Roses 13-Piece Yard Kit featuring Rose Nylund includes 12 outdoor signs with a message "A Dozen Red Roses Just for You!".  You can set up a surprise display that will make your loved one feel like a queen and make your neighbors green with envy.
And listen, we know you're busy, so we made sure these signs are made from commercial-grade corrugated plastic material and fade-resistant ink, so they'll last through any weather condition.
The other option is our Dozen Red Roses Bouquet which is guaranteed to put a huge smile on her face. This bouquet features 12 stunning red Roses, Betty White, from the hit TV show "The Golden Girls"!
The display of a dozen red roses comes beautifully printed on sturdy, fade-resistant e-flute cardboard, and each bouquet is assembled in a flat, rigid, kraft gift mailer. The bouquet stands 18" tall and 12" wide in all its glory, making it a truly spectacular gift.
Setting up A Dozen Red Roses Bouquet is incredibly easy – remove the bouquet from the clear cellophane wrap, and it's ready to go! The bouquet also includes a tag where you can write your loved one's name and a special message, making it a thoughtful and personalized gift.
The best part of both of our Prime Party Valentine’s Day gifts is they last forever and can be used again for other events. You can’t say that about a dozen red roses! So don’t waste your time with boring gifts and predictable flowers! Get your hands on the Golden Girls Dozen Roses 13-Piece Yard Kit and show your loved ones that you really care – with a little bit of humor and a whole lot of personality.
We have several more options for Valentine’s Day gift ideas, click here for more gift ideas
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