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Funny Valentine's Surprises To Make Your Sweetheart Smile - Prime Party

Funny Valentine's Surprises To Make Your Sweetheart Smile

February 14th is this nation's official day of love, and many couples are already planning their romantic nights together. Throwing a spicy party for two is always a good time, especially on Valentine’s Day. While this day is typically reserved solely for displays of love and affection, it might be unique to add a bit of humor into your Valentine’s plans this February. Check out these funny Valentine's surprises to make your sweetheart smile from ear to ear.

Humorous Candy

We all love those heart-shaped candies with their romantic (albeit, corny) messages of affection. The classics are "Be mine," "I like you," and "XOXO." These little quips have gotten stale, much like these candies after Valentine's Day.

Add a twist to these timeless sweets by getting custom heart candies with personalized messages of your own! Throw in a mention of your favorite shared memory or a nod to a great inside joke. Cheesy puns are always appreciated, of course.

A Harmless Prank

Pranking a significant other is quite the balancing act, and a poorly executed prank can derail Valentine's Day before it's even begun. But, that doesn't mean that a harmless prank with attention to detail can't put a grin on your sweetheart's face.

A surprise confetti shot of red and pink strips is a safe way to give a little romantic shock to your partner. Or go for the public embarrassment route and decorate your lawn with silly Valentine's Day yard signs and decorations that loudly proclaim your love to the entire neighborhood. Your significant other may blush, but they'll undoubtedly appreciate the thoughtfulness.

A Date Redo

Some couples opt for a stroll down memory lane and visit a particular date location for their Valentine's Day plans. This might be the spot where they first met, first said "I love you," or even proposed. Well, why not turn this tradition on its head and visit a location from a less-than-great date instead?

For instance, if a rainstorm abruptly ruined a special day, you and your sweetheart can finally achieve that dream date this time around. You can spend the evening laughing over those tragic memories that now seem so silly.

Using one of these funny Valentine's surprises to make your sweetheart smile can be a fun way to mix up this romantic holiday. For any decoration needs, check out our extensive collection of loving supplies that are sure to spice up any event.

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