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Dos and Don’ts for a Themed Kids’ Party - Prime Party

Dos and Don’ts for a Themed Kids’ Party

Hosting a birthday party for children is a fantastic experience for the little ones and parents. While birthdays are the most important day of the year for many kids, adults find planning the celebration stressful. The best way to make party hosting easier is by attaching a theme to the event. However, there are still plenty of dos and don’ts for a themed kids’ party that you should know.

DO Spread the Word Fast

If you’re hoping to plan the best birthday party ever with all of your child’s friends, you must send the invites out a few months in advance. Younger families have extremely difficult schedules, so having a date marked far before the event ensures plenty of guests.

Include an RSVP letter in the envelope, so you know who’s coming. Or create a social media page for the party that allows your invitees to mark if they’re going. Since you’re throwing a themed party, include elements of that in your invitation—getting creative with how you spread the word adds anticipation to the event.

DON’T Be Subtle With Decorations

A good theme isn’t coy—it’s loud and in your face, especially for your children’s parties. The first step in taking your décor to another level is including a few distinct colors in all parts of the event. The colors should be a nod to the theme. You can implement it with balloons, streamers, signs, and even food.

With that primary step out of the way, you can purchase vibrant, licensed party supplies that put the finishing touch on your child’s special day. Prime Party offers a superior selection of party items perfect for any theme.

DO Include the Adults

A kid’s party shouldn’t just be for the children. We’ve all been to a kid’s birthday where the adults lazily scroll on their phones off in the distance, wishing there was anything interesting to do.

Ensure you have proper adult food and drinks for your older guests so they can have a good time, too. Also, plan fun activities that include parents with their children, like painting for an art-themed party or a “pop-a-shot” machine for a sports party.

DON’T Leave Kids Out

Don’t be the parent that excludes your child’s peers from their birthday party, no matter how defiant your kid may be. This causes fighting and bullying at school and sets a bad example for the rest of the neighborhood. If your child invited a good chunk of students from their class, you should include everyone else. Ultimately, every child will have fun at the themed party and may even make new friends.

Use this list of dos and don’ts for a themed kids’ party to ensure the best celebration for your little loved one. If you need any planning help, Prime Party’s selection of quality decorations will surely light up any child’s party.

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