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Plan a Celebration To Remember Betty White - Prime Party

Plan a Celebration To Remember Betty White

As most everyone now knows, Betty White passed away peacefully right as 2021 ended. The international icon has a career spanning over a ludicrous ninety decades, with multiple hit shows, various media appearances, and a hosting gig for Saturday Night Live. She was incredibly influential, and her passing was felt by everybody.

Many people are superfans of White and are looking for ways to honor her career and life in a positive manner. Check out this respectful guide on how to plan a celebration to remember Betty White.

Share Your Love

Share your love of Betty White on social media for your friends and family as you create your celebration. It’s helpful to include everyone and show your admiration for Betty White and her greatness. Add in a clip or two of your favorite Betty White moments, and share a bit of your fandom and infatuation. Since her career is so long, chances are everyone has a fond memory of Betty White they can bond over.

Throw a Social Event

A social media shoutout is just the first way to express your love for White. There are plenty of easy ways to plan a celebration to remember Betty White that are fun yet respectful. Depending on your preference, invite a bunch of friends over to honor Betty White’s brilliant life and career. The more Betty White superfans, the better!

Plan activities that praise all her accomplishments and dedicate the night to her memory. You could put out a poster or whiteboard so people can write down their favorite memories of the actress. Or you could play a compilation of White’s best roles on the TV—it could even be the centerpiece of your event. Encourage people to have fun and act lightly, as this is how Betty White carried herself throughout her life.

Get Broad With the Party Theme

Ninety percent of White’s life was spent in the limelight, so don’t get too specific with your theme. Instead of throwing a Golden Girls or That 70’s Show party, include elements from all aspects of her career. Throw a few nods to the multiple awards White has won in the past and encourage guests to dress up as characters from her acclaimed shows and movies. These can include: Boston Legal, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Toy Story 4, SNL, Hot in Cleveland, and brief roles from shows like Community and 30 Rock.

The key to throwing an honoring, exciting party is stocking up on the right decorations—Prime Party has tons of respectful Betty White party supplies that celebrate the actress for the legend she is! In honor of Betty White, Prime Party will be donating a portion of the proceeds from all “Dozen Red Roses” sales to the Morris Animal Foundation in Betty White’s name.

Betty White is the most deserving of all the celebrities of our praise. Parties and online shoutouts are easy ways to show your love to this accomplished media figure. Check out our quality collection of fun, vibrant supplies, and decorations for all theme needs.

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