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Dos and Don’ts for Hosting a Winter Graduation Party - Prime Party

Dos and Don’ts for Hosting a Winter Graduation Party

While May is usually the time to celebrate closing a chapter at school, there are still some graduates that finish up in December. However, everyone deserves a commencement celebration, no matter what time of the year it is. These are the top dos and don’ts for hosting a winter graduation party.


Plan a Special Theme

Each party needs a theme, no matter how simple it may be. From here, you can plan out the food you will provide (or cater), activities to take part in, and decorations to set the mood. However, you should definitely factor in where you live. For example, a grad party in Arizona will allow for patio and prolonged backyard time, whereas a celebration in Chicago will probably need to remain indoors. Consider what your new grad likes, whether that’s something more flashy or more laid back, and stock up on some paint themed party supplies to add to the mood.

Send Thank You Notes

After the party, it’s customary for the new graduate to send a thank you card to all attendees (especially anyone who gave a gift). There are a handful of ways that people can contribute to one’s schooling, so they should all receive thanks for their role. These days, it means a lot to receive a handwritten note from someone you care about.


Wait Until Last Minute To Send Invitations

A major don’t for hosting a winter graduation party is to send out invitations early. During this time of the year, there’s almost a new holiday every week, depending on what you celebrate. Some people will already have set plans, but others will still have travel plans up in the air. Therefore, give them a save-the-date early so they can factor you into their holiday plans.

Forget To Tell Your Neighbors

Finally, as a courtesy, you should let your nearby neighbors know that you’ll be loud and have lots of cars parked outside on the night of the party. Extend them an invite so they can join in on the fun or stop by for a drink and food

Planning a winter graduation party is a fantastic way to celebrate the new alumnus’s accomplishments with all their loved ones.

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