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4 Brilliant Ways To Cheer Up a Friend - Prime Party

4 Brilliant Ways To Cheer Up a Friend

If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that we need to spend quality time with our loved ones. Even with the world slowly opening back up, many people still feel down and out of sorts. If someone special in your social circle is in desperate need of a quality pick-me-up, here are four brilliant ways to cheer up a friend.

Plan a Friend Date

Nothing beats quality one-on-one time with a close friend, so take some time and plan a special day with your best friend! If they've been feeling down recently, organize a day that features many of their preferred activities. Take them to their favorite restaurant and share a great dish or plan a night in with a good movie and yummy snacks.

Staying active is a natural way to boost serotonin and overall mood – plan a day out that involves light exercise, such as shopping downtown, going for a bike ride, or walking through a museum. You’ll have such a good time together that you won’t even notice you’re getting a quality workout!

Take Up a Shared Interest or Hobby

An engaging activity or project is the best way to stimulate the brain and raise your overall mood – why not get two birds with one stone and include your bestie! A shared interest or hobby should be something you both enjoy and find great pleasure in, including arts and crafts, sightseeing, or traveling. Whatever the activity, it’s essential to make sure your friend is into it and looks forward to doing that hobby.

Throw Them a Party

You don’t have to throw a huge, wild party just to cheer up your friend – a small function with close peers is enough to turn a frown upside down. A small get-together is a perfect way to blow off steam and take your friend’s mind off of their daily stressors.

Get creative when planning this event, as it should include the people and things your friend prefers. For instance, consider a themed party. If your friend is a huge Bachelorette fan, throw a watch party and come in your most delicate evening gown. Maybe your pal is a bit nerdy – Prime Party offers tons of fun Star Trek party supplies that will surely “beam up” your friend’s mood!

Remind Them of Your Friendship

It’s easy to forget who your close friends are in times of depression or sadness, so try making a gesture that reminds your BFF that they always have someone on their side. This can be in the form of a handwritten letter, a special gift, or even making a Spotify playlist of great songs. Small actions of love are enough to show that you’re a fantastic friend!

With these four brilliant ways to cheer up a friend, your pal is sure to know they have a fantastic supporter in their corner at all times. Ultimately, the best way to cheer someone up is to show them unconditional love and affection.

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