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Ultimate Guide to Hosting the Perfect Game Night - Prime Party

Ultimate Guide to Hosting the Perfect Game Night

One of the best ways you can spend time with friends indoors is during game nights. These days, there are plenty of different types of games that you can play with friends for a fun evening together. To help it go as smoothly as possible, here is an ultimate guide to hosting the perfect game night.

Choose the Game Ahead of Time

As we all know, coming to a group consensus can be hard at times. People could arrive excited with an idea or expectation in mind, then lose interest once the group picks the game.

To alleviate these problems, start a group message to brainstorm some ideas for games and create a poll to pick the game for the next game night. Not everyone will likely have this as their first choice, but they can decide to play or sit out this game night.

Plan for Some Snacks and Drinks

You can easily make a BYOB or potluck situation if you are low on time or money. Each person brings their favorite side to share (or whatever is the quickest thing to make). This helps take the burden off one person to plan, buy, and prepare food that many other people will enjoy.

With a bit of foresight and ambition, you could get some chili going in the crockpot in the morning or set up some chips and dip. Make sure it’s a food that isn’t too messy to eat, as dirty fingers aren’t compatible with board games.

Prepare Your Space for Guests

After you’ve gotten a headcount of how many people are coming over, make sure you have appropriate seating for everyone. Sometimes, sitting around a coffee table is more accessible than a table so that some people can cozy up on oversized cushions.

Even though your table décor is on fire, it’s better to move it somewhere else for the evening to make more space for gaming. If you are craving some decorations for the night, find an online party supply store.

Don’t reinvent the wheel for an event that has been happening for decades. Plan your evening with this ultimate guide to hosting the perfect game night.

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