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Fun Mother’s Day Festivities She’ll Never Forget - Prime Party

Fun Mother’s Day Festivities She’ll Never Forget

Mothers have always been the backbone of society throughout human history. Their tireless effort to provide for and nurture their families can never be overstated. Because of their hard work and unrelenting love, we honor moms every year on the second Sunday in May.

Mother’s Day was first celebrated in 1907 and is recognized today in over 40 countries. Most families celebrate in a similar fashion—store-bought cards, a flower bouquet, and a nice brunch at a restaurant. Why not spice things up this year? Here are three fun Mother’s Day festivities she’ll never forget.

Plan a Day for Relaxation

Mothers work 24/7, 364 days a year—Mother’s Day is supposed to be their one day off. Why not honor your loved one with a truly relaxing day centered all around her? The entire day should be effortless, meaning all of the busy work required around the house is on the shoulders of children and spouses.

Whip up a classic “breakfast in bed” and give your mother/partner as much time as they want to get ready for the day. Consider gifting them a spa reservation around midday or having a professional masseuse come to the house. You can also plan a private yoga session later on in the day to truly create a relaxing experience. The most important thing is that you plan activities that she loves to do!

Or…a Day for Thrills!

Maybe your loved one isn’t a fan of chill, relaxing activities. Perhaps she seeks something unique that breaks the monotony of her typical routine. If so, forget the breakfast in bed and plan the ultimate thrilling day!

This can be as simple as a quick trip to the amusement park or something more extreme like bungee jumping or sky diving. If that’s too intense, a camping trip or day-long hike are terrific ways to get out and stay active. These festivities aren’t for everyone, but if they fit the bill for your mother/partner, they’re absolutely perfect.

Mother’s Day Party

Here at Prime Party, we love to talk about…well…parties! But you rarely hear about a Mother’s Day party. Why is that? Most people assume that Mother’s Day is meant for just the family, but a larger event with multiple families is actually a wonderful get-together to celebrate the holiday. If your special someone is close with other mothers in the neighborhood, consider planning the ultimate throw-down!

Gather everyone together for a yummy meal and a relaxing day outside, at the park, or in the backyard. Invite every generation of mothers in your family to really make the day special. You can even pick a special theme to appeal to pop culture tastes, like The Golden Girls—by the way, we have the perfect Golden Girls party supplies for that theme, too!

These fun Mother’s Day festivities she’ll never forget are great options to consider this May! Remember, always plan the activity that she enjoys the most, which will ensure she has the best possible experience. Ultimately, we want to show our mothers all the love and affection they show us!

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