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Yellowstone 7" Dessert Plates (Set of 8)

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Introducing our Yellowstone Series 7" Square Paper Plates – a charming addition to your gatherings inspired by the hit television series! Each pack features these smaller square plates adorned with a captivating graphic of Beth and Rip lounging in a grassy hillside on the iconic Yellowstone Ranch in Montana.

Perfect for intimate gatherings or serving appetizers at larger events, these plates bring the romance and rugged beauty of the Dutton Ranch directly to your table. The graphic featuring Beth and Rip adds a touch of the series' drama and love story to your dining experience.

Crafted with high-quality paper material, these 7" square plates ensure both style and functionality. The smaller size makes them ideal for snacks, desserts, or appetizers, providing a convenient and visually appealing platform for your culinary delights.

Whether you're hosting a Yellowstone Series watch party, a themed dinner, or simply want to infuse a bit of the Dutton Ranch charm into your event, these plates are the perfect choice. Elevate your gatherings with the intimate and captivating imagery of Beth and Rip, making every moment a scene from the heart of Yellowstone.

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