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Screech Cardboard Cutout | Saved by the Bell

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Introducing the Screech Saved by the Bell Standee, a hilarious and nostalgic tribute to the beloved character from the hit 80's sitcom! Standing tall at 72 inches and measuring 20.5 inches wide, this full-size cardboard cutout captures the goofy charm of Screech, providing endless entertainment and photo opportunities.

As one of the most memorable characters from Saved by the Bell, Screech brings his quirky personality and comedic antics into your space. Whether you're celebrating birthdays, graduations, or simply looking for a fun addition to your photo ops, this standee is the perfect choice.

Featuring a built-in cardboard easel on the back, assembling Screech is a breeze. Just unfold the easel, and he's ready to steal the show. Additionally, the standee conveniently folds down in thirds, making it easy to take Screech on the go and add a touch of comedic charm wherever you choose.

This standee is not only perfect as a standalone tribute to Screech but can also be combined with the rest of the Saved by the Bell gang for the ultimate Bayside High experience. Whether you choose to bring Screech to a party or simply surprise your friends with his presence, the reactions are sure to be priceless.

Go Bayside and relive the laughter and adventures with the Screech Saved by the Bell Standee. It's a must-have for fans and collectors, and a delightful addition to any event or everyday decor.

Order your Screech Standee today and let the hilarious charm of this beloved character bring a dose of nostalgia and laughter to your surroundings. Get ready to create unforgettable memories and go on a fun-filled journey with Screech and the gang from Saved by the Bell!

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