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Llama Llama Happy Birthday Yard Sign

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Introducing the adorable Llama Llama themed Yard Sign, a delightful addition to your front yard celebrations! This charming sign measures 15 inches tall by 20.5 inches wide, making it the perfect eye-catching decoration. Crafted from durable white Coroplast, it guarantees long-lasting durability, so you can enjoy its festive charm for many birthdays to come.

The centerpiece of this vibrant yard sign is a joyful image of Llama Llama wearing a party hat, ready to spread birthday cheer. Llama Llama's lovable and expressive face is sure to bring smiles to everyone who passes by. The image is beautifully printed on one side of the sign, showcasing the vibrant colors and delightful details.

To complement the joyful design, the words "Happy Birthday" are elegantly displayed in white letters, ensuring they stand out against the background and catch everyone's attention. The contrast between the white letters and the colorful image creates a harmonious and eye-catching effect.

To make installation a breeze, this Llama Llama Yard Sign comes with a sturdy metal "H" stake. The stake provides reliable support, allowing you to securely place the sign in your front yard or any desired location. Simply insert the stake into the ground, and your charming birthday display will be ready to delight guests, friends, and passersby.

Whether you're celebrating a child's birthday or just want to add a touch of whimsy and joy to your yard, the Llama Llama themed Yard Sign is the perfect choice. It effortlessly combines the adorable charm of Llama Llama with the celebratory spirit of birthdays, creating a delightful focal point that will captivate all who see it.


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