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C-3PO - Star Wars - Cardboard Cutout

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Bring the iconic droid C-3PO to life at your next party or event with this life-size cardboard cutout! Measuring 70"x 29", this high-quality single-sided print is a must-have for any Star Wars fan. C-3PO stands tall, ready to greet guests, pose for photos, or add a touch of sci-fi flair to your decor. The cutout is made of durable cardboard, making it easy to set up and move around as needed. Simply click on the link below to add this classic character to your collection!

Great for: 

  1. Star Wars Themed Parties: This cardboard cutout would be perfect for a Star Wars themed party, especially if the focus is on the original trilogy.

  2. Movie Screenings: Whether it's a special screening of a Star Wars movie or any other sci-fi film, this C-3PO cutout could be used as part of the decor to set the tone for the event.

  3. Comic Cons: Comic conventions are the perfect place to display this cardboard cutout. It would be a great way to attract fans and make your booth stand out.

  4. Science Fiction Themed Weddings: If you're a big fan of sci-fi and plan to incorporate it into your wedding theme, this C-3PO cutout could be a fun addition to the decor.

  5. Classroom or Library Displays: Teachers and librarians who are fans of Star Wars could use this cardboard cutout to add some fun to their classroom or library display. It could be used to promote reading or as part of a Star Wars book display.


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