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Bob Ross Cupcake Wrappers (Set of 12)

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Need some Bob Ross cupcake wrappers to match your fantastic Bob Ross Party Supplies? Well, we've got you covered. Introducing our super cool, and oh-so-fresh Bob Ross cupcake wrappers!

Each set of 12 comes with three sets of four different Bob Ross wrapper designs. Your guests will love Bob's paintings' vibrant colors on each, and all include Bob's face. These wrappers are perfect for themed parties such as birthdays, graduations, retirement, or just a spontaneous painting party; yes, you are allowed to do that.

These wrappers are mailed FLAT and unassembled. Just wrap them around the base of your cupcake, and lock the tab in! They have a slit on one end and a tab on the other that you use to connect the two ends together. These wrappers work best for standard-size cupcakes.

Measure: 8"W x 4"H flat

Please note that these have no bottoms and are meant for decorative purposes only, so no putting these into the oven to bake. Please, apply after the cupcake has been fully baked, cooled, and iced.

Officially licensed, all legit.

...And that's a wrap! See what I did there? ;P

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