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Bob Ross and Friends Luncheon Napkins (20 Pack)

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Add some artistic flair to your party with our Bob Ross & Friends Lunch Napkins! Measuring 6.5 inches by 6.5 inches, these soft tissue napkins are perfect for any messy partygoer. Featuring a design inspired by Bob Ross' long-lasting TV show, The Joy of Painting, these napkins are great for any Bob Ross-themed party, whether it's a birthday party, baby shower, or gender reveal party. The napkins are made of high-quality 3-ply tissue and are sure to impress your guests with their softness and absorbency. Officially licensed and designed exclusively for you by Prime Party, these Bob Ross & Friends Lunch Napkins are a must-have for any true Bob Ross fan!

For use as:
  1. Party napkins: These napkins are perfect for any Bob Ross-themed party, including birthdays, baby showers, and gender reveal parties. Use them to wipe up spills or as a colorful addition to your table setting.

  2. DIY decoupage: Hodge podge crafters can use these napkins for decoupage projects. Simply cut out the design from the napkin and glue it onto a surface such as a canvas or wooden box. It's an easy and fun way to add some Bob Ross-inspired art to your home decor.

  3. Art project supplies: The Bob Ross & Friends Lunch Napkins can also be used as art project supplies for kids or adults. Use them to create collages, scrapbook pages, or even as a backdrop for a painting. With their colorful and whimsical design, these napkins are sure to inspire some creativity!


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