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Beverly Hills 90210 Plastic Table Cover

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Looking for a way to keep your party space clean while adding some Beverly Hills 90210 flair? Look no further than our durable plastic table cover! Measuring 54" x 108", this reusable cover features some of the OG season 1 cast members, including Brandon, Dylan, Donna, Brenda, Kelly, Steve, Andrea, and David. Don't let spills and messes ruin your vibe - trust our table cover to keep your tables looking stylish all night long!
  1. Use it to protect your tables from spills and messes during mealtime or while serving drinks.
  2. Create a themed party space by using it as a backdrop for your photo booth or dessert table.
  3. Cut it into smaller pieces and use it as a decorative accent on your party tables or to wrap party favors.

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