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Beverly Hills 90210 Beverage Napkins (16 Pack)

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Get ready to add some pizzazz to your 90210 party with our chic and stylish napkins! Each 5-inch square is adorned with patterned art on all four panels, adding a touch of glamour and fun to your party table. Our napkins are made with three plies of the softest and highest quality tissue, ensuring that your guests will feel pampered and luxurious while partying it up like the stars of Beverly Hills. And don't forget, all 90210 party supplies and decorations are exclusively designed for the most discerning party planners by the Prime Party family. So, get ready to party like it's the 90s with our elegant and exciting napkins!
Alsom our Beverly Hills 90210 napkins are perfect for hodge podging. With their patterned art on all four panels, these napkins can be used to create a fun and eclectic look on your party table. Mix and match them with other patterns and colors to create a truly unique and personalized party table-scape. Their soft and high-quality tissue ensures that they will hold up well when used in creative ways. So, go ahead and hodge podge away with our chic and stylish Beverly Hills 90210 napkins!


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