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Got a red-hot property you’re itching to make a sensation? is the online destination for the best parties ever!  We design extraordinary products for inspired celebrations.  Surprising, clever and most of all fun—our themes are the stuff of party legend.  Let us create something legendary around your property!


Prime Party celebrations are world changers.  Our themes honor the oddball individual in each of us with goofy fun while uniting everyone present in exuberant gratitude.  Our parties strengthen bonds within families and between friends, and are the ideal place to celebrate the ones we love most.  Friends and family are the foundation of our communities, and our communities the foundation of our world.  Our parties aren’t just remarkable, they’re revolutionary.   


By the way, in addition to incomparable products and designs our customer service is fantastic and our shipping lightning fast.  Amazon Prime customers can browse our themes in Amazon Prime and have their party delivered in a couple of days for FREE.  

 Ready to join the revolution?

Become a part of our licensing program and we'll transform your property into THE BEST PARTY EVER!  Contact us at


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