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Wait, you don’t pre-fill your Favor Boxes, do you?

 Heck no!  That’s the fun part!  We handle the hard stuff so you can sweep through with your personal flourishes and then bask in the praise.  Just pop open and fill with whatever fun surprises strike your fancy. 


But what if the item I want is out of stock and I need it??

Boo on out-of-stock items!  We hate that, too.  That’s why we do our best to have what you want ready to be delivered into your little party planning hands as soon as we get your order.  Every once in a while the partyers out-party even us and clean us right out of stock.  But that’s unusual.  (We’re not called Prime Party for nothin’!)  On the rare occasion it does, know that we’re on it and you’ll have your order ASAP.  Here’s how to let us know how we can help with your important party plans:

Some out of stock items are available for Pre-Order and are noted as such on the product detail page, along with their estimated in-stock date. Just add the product you want to pre-order to your cart and check out as usual. Click here for addition information on Pre-Order items.

If you're interested in an item that is out of stock and not available for Pre-Order, simply click on the "Click here to be notified when available" link below the out of stock item and you will be able to provide your email address. We will send you an e-mail as soon as the item becomes available.


How do I know you’re really there and my order hasn’t been sucked into a black hole of disappointed party dreams?

Here’s a fun fact:  Prime Party was created for youYour party is the reason we bounce out of bed in the morning and it’s your order we’re hoping to see when we rush in to work.  But we understand that just because we know our world revolves around your party doesn’t mean you know.  So, we’ll send an email to reassure you.  There’ll be an order confirmation in that email you can enter in our Order Lookup Page.  (The opposite of a black hole of disappointed party dreams).  Give our Order Lookup Page about 24 hours to organize itself before checking.  Your order won’t show up on the page before then.  But, we’ll have seen it and your order will be well on its way to you.   


How do I pay, yo?

With your credit or debit card, yo!  (If you order online you can also use PayPal!).  We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards.  If Debit cards are your thing, as long as they are VISA or MasterCard we like those, too!.  We don’t accept pre-paid credit cards and/or VISA gift cards unless there is a billing address registered with the card.  We only accept credit cards issued from a country we ship to.


Do I have to pay taxes on my unbelievably cool party supplies?

Well, we don’t charge sales tax for most of our domestic orders.  But, you’re supposed to report the purchase and pay any applicable sales tax the next time you file your taxes for the year.  You will be charged the applicable state sales tax if your order is shipping to a location in the state of California, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, New York, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Washington or Wisconsin.

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