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3D Brick Fireplace Cardboard Cutout

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Looking for the perfect fireplace display to enhance your holiday decor or set the stage for your next party or event? Look no further than our life-size, 3D cardboard Fireplace Display! With its high-quality print directly on cardboard, this display looks just like a real brick and wood fireplace, complete with removable red cardboard Christmas stockings and a cozy-looking fire. Measuring 45" x 50" x 6", it's perfect for use as a stage prop, store window display, photo-op backdrop, or as a festive addition to your home or office. Don't settle for a boring display – add some warmth and charm to your space with our 3D Fireplace Display, available now at!

  1. Holiday decoration: The 3D Fireplace Display is the perfect addition to any home or office during the holiday season. Use it to create a cozy atmosphere for your family or add a festive touch to your workplace.

  2. Photo backdrop: Whether you're hosting a holiday party, a winter wedding, or a family gathering, the 3D Fireplace Display is a great backdrop for photos. Your guests will love taking pictures in front of the fire and the stockings, and the resulting photos will be treasured memories for years to come.

  3. Stage prop: If you're putting on a play or a musical, the 3D Fireplace Display can add an extra layer of realism to your production. It's a great way to create a cozy and inviting setting for your performers, and it can help transport your audience to another time and place.


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