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Bob Ross Classic Dessert Plates (8 Pack)

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Bring some joy and whimsy to your dessert table with our Bob Ross Dessert Paper Plates! These plates are designed exclusively for you by Prime Party and feature an original Bob Ross painting with his inspiring quote, "You can move mountains, trees, you can determine what your world is like..." printed in high resolution. Measuring approximately 7"x 7", these plates are made of high quality thick coated card stock to ensure their durability. They come packaged as a set of 8 and are an actual Bob Ross licensed product approved for production by Bob Ross the Joy of Painting. These plates are perfect for all kinds of occasions including birthdays, office parties, art-themed events, and any celebration where you want to add a touch of Bob Ross's positivity and creativity to your desserts.

★ Set includes 8 paper plates.
★ Paper Plate: 7" inches (17.78cm)
★ Small Plate / Dessert Plate / Appetizer Plate

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