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BOB MOB, Bob Ross 16-Piece Yard Sign Kit

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You’ll never find a kinder or creative soul than Bob Ross, the host of the PBS show, “The Joy of Painting.” For a dozen years, Ross used his soft, soothing voice to encourage anyone that they can paint “happy little trees.” He instilled the beliefs of kindness and caring – sentiments that we could all really use right now. The pandemic has been hard on all of us. Everyone could use a little more Bob in their lives and some people need to learn to just “go with the fro.”

Bob Mobbing takes little time to do, is easy to execute and you can do it all while respecting COVID guidelines.

In the words of Mr. Ross, “All kinds of beautiful things just happen.”

Standard Kit includes:

(14)  Bob Ross Head Yard Signs (15"W x 17"T)
(1) You've Been Bob Mobbed General Message Yard Sign (21"T x 28"W)
(1) Small Social Media Tag Sign (4.5"T x 17"W)
(16) Metal H Stakes

Fundraising Kit includes:

(14)  Bob Ross Head Yard Signs (15"W x 17"T)
(1) You've Been Bob Mobbed Fundraising Yard Sign* (15"T x 23"W)X
(1) Small Social Media Tag Sign (5"T x 20"W)
(16) Metal H Stakes
(1) Downloadable Door Note PDF (Fundraiser Kit Only)

*Sign had dedicated fields where you will write the name of the organization and phone number.   We recommend writing on clear or white tape to allow you to use these again and again for different fund raisers.  

Bob Mob Your Loved Ones, Here's the Plan:

Ready to spread some cheer?

Wait until dark before you suit up (with face masks and Bob Ross wigs of course!) Hum the “Mission Impossible” theme song while you drive to house of your friends, parents, son, daughter, co-worker – you get the idea. Dim the headlights and cut the engine. Quickly, but quietly, “decorate” their yard with the love of Bob. And don’t forget the calling card letting them know that they have been Bob Mobbed and how they can pass the joy onto some other unsuspecting person.

Imagine the look on their face when they walk out their front door to see a sea of Bob faces staring back at them. Or plant the faces toward the road so that all of their neighbors can experience the joy before they do!

While Bob Mobs work great for birthdays, you really don’t need any special occasion to “ding dong ditch” the ones you love. Dress up your head with Santa hats for a festive touch. Group them together to make a happy little cloud of heads. What bride-to-be wouldn’t be excited to see a yard full of suitors who got away? The possibilities are endless (and frankly, we’d love to see your handiwork on Instagram).

Fundraising with a Bob Mob

A Bob Mob is also a great way to earn a little cash for your youth group or local charity too. First, take orders from people willing to pay a fee for you to Bob Mob someone they know. Execute the attack as stated above, only tape a note similar to this one to their door that reads.

“Hello! You have been Bob Mobbed! Someone you know has paid us a fee to “decorate” your yard with the image of the “happy tree” painter Bob Ross. It was done as a fun way to raise funds for our organization: ________________________. For your generous donation of $_______ and the address of another unsuspecting victim, we will gladly take the Bob heads of your yard and plant them elsewhere in two days. If you’d like them removed sooner, please call or text us at ____________________. Thank you for your sense of humor and your support.”

And the gift goes on and on.


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