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Tips for Throwing the Ultimate Star Trek Party - Prime Party

Tips for Throwing the Ultimate Star Trek Party

It’s time to admit it—Star Trek is one of the most popular and recognizable franchises on network television and the big screen. It has had its grasp on pop culture for over half a decade, and it is still going strong. It doesn’t matter if you’ve watched since the beginning or just started; it’s beloved by many.

As it approaches its 55th birthday, why not celebrate with a fun party with your family and friends? So, here are some tips for throwing the ultimate Star Trek party!

Host It Somewhere Fun

Before you make your invite list, consider your options for hosting your Star Trek party. You want to make sure you budget correctly and optimize your entertainment space.

If you choose to do it from home, jazz up the space you’re given. However, if you host it outside of your home, see if the party space providers also offer tips for throwing the ultimate Star Trek party—you’d be surprised by how many fans are around.

Invite Your Follow Trekkies

Every Trekkie wants to enjoy their love for their favorite show with other fans, so why not invite them to your Star Trek party? They’ll get a good kick out of enjoying the night with you and all your friends.

Entertain them by putting up the best Star Trek moments from the movies and shows, play themed party games, and provide party favors for when they are about to head home.

References EVERYWHERE!

References, references, references—there are so many options for decorating your Star Trek party. You can go as over-the-top as you wish.

It can range from incorporating a U.S.S. Enterprise pinata to character-themed cupcakes—there’s so much that you can choose!

If you’re looking into finding specific Star Trek party supplies, consider visiting us at Prime Party. We have a wide range of Star Trek and Sci-Fi-related cutouts for you. Whether they’re gifts for your fellow Trekkies or to spruce up a movie room, the options are endless. So, contact us today to get a cutout of Captain Kirk!

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