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Blast From the Past: Create a Space Party With a Retro Vibe - Prime Party

Blast From the Past: Create a Space Party With a Retro Vibe

We live in a time where space exploration is once again popular, and with it, we all have a greater interest in conquering the final frontier. Many individuals are reigniting their infatuation with the early days of moonwalks and adventure.

However, most of us probably aren’t shooting off into the cosmos any time soon. Luckily, that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace this newfound appreciation for the stars in a fun way with friends and family. Here are our tips for how to create a space party with a retro vibe.

Get Realistic

There are many historical instances of space travel to use as inspiration for your cosmic bash, and they all make for unique themes. The most famous space event in our history is the moon landing, which showed the world our country’s sense of innovation and adventure. Planning a moonwalk party is fun and relatively easy.

First, get creative with your set-up—moon decorations are simple to make from scratch and drive home the theme. Additionally, putting old footage of the moon landing on the TV in the background ties the room together. Fun lighting with different colors contributes to the cosmic vibe while also maintaining a retro feel. Lastly, encourage guests to dress up as astronauts and NASA individuals.

Go for Fantasy

A fun aspect of space-themed parties is that you don’t have to throw one solely about actual events. There are so many examples of space in pop culture that make for a fun party with friends. To truly accomplish a retro vibe, consider a Star Trek event that celebrates this famous series.

Ask your guests to dress up as their favorite characters to reunite the members of the Starship Enterprise! Like the moon landing idea, throw on a compilation of Star Trek videos in the background, and get creative with cosmic-themed snacks. To take this event to the next level, consider our excellent Star Trek party decorations that feature all your favorite aspects of the show/movies.

Get Really Retro

Modern pop culture is full of references to the great beyond, but space has always been a significant aspect of our society. From the dawn of human life, we have looked up at the stars in amazement. So why not turn up the retro vibes and plan a party that harkens back to our earliest views of space!

The ancient Romans had a vast understanding of the universe, and we promise you that a cosmic toga party is an experience like no other. Books like The Man in the Moone (published in 1638!) describe utopian-esque views on space and exploration. Make your party a tad bit fantastical and honor these early depictions of the cosmos.

Get creative with your blast from the past and create a space party with a retro vibe that’s sure to impress your guests. Consider Prime Party’s extensive collection of quality decorations for all your event planning needs!

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