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Llama Llama Water Bottle Labels

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Introducing the Llama Llama Water Bottle Labels, a delightful addition to any children's party or event! These labels are designed to add a touch of charm and excitement to your little one's favorite beverages.

Each pack of Llama Llama Water Bottle Labels contains 16 labels, ensuring you have plenty to go around. Measuring 8.5 inches wide by 2 inches tall, these labels perfectly fit standard water bottles, juice boxes, juice pouches, and plastic cups, making them incredibly versatile for all your party needs.

With 4 unique designs inspired by the beloved children's book series by Anna Dewdney, these labels bring the beloved characters to life. Each pack includes 4 labels of each design, allowing you to mix and match or create themed sets for your little one and their friends.

Why opt for water bottles over cups, you may wonder? Well, we've got you covered! Water bottles offer a practical advantage for small children. With their secure lids, they are more resistant to spills, ensuring fewer accidents and messes. Cups, on the other hand, can easily be knocked over or spilled by enthusiastic little hands. With the Llama Llama Water Bottle Labels, you can worry less about spills and focus more on enjoying the celebration.

Whether you're planning a birthday party, a playdate, or any other special occasion, the Llama Llama Water Bottle Labels are a must-have accessory. These labels not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your table setting but also bring the magic of the beloved Llama Llama characters to life.

Order your pack of Llama Llama Water Bottle Labels today and add an extra touch of whimsy to your next children's gathering. Watch as their eyes light up with joy when they see their favorite characters adorning their beverages. Let the enchantment of the Llama Llama series accompany your little ones on their exciting adventures!

Bottles not included.

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