Geronimo Stilton Party

How about a good ol' Spy Detective party? Might we suggest Geronimo Stilton with use of colors like black, yellow and blue for balloons and streamers. Hang crepe streamers from the doors and windows for a little added mystery. Use our Geronimo Stilton tablecloth on your table; it would be best to have black, green, or yellow plastic silverware.
Here's a fun idea for your party guest gumshoes:
Hide the favor boxes around the party area. Create clues to find each of the boxes. Give each kid their unique clues to find their party favors. For added fun, cut out some footprints, magnifying glasses, and question marks from construction paper and put them around the kid birthday party area (and on the ceiling!). If you have a path that leads to your door or the party area, you can also put them leading to the other clues.
Draw footprints with sidewalk chalk outside on the driveway and sidewalk areas leading up to the party area. Make chalk outlines of people with chalk or masking tape (as if a crime had just been committed). To add to the suspense you can hang caution tape around the area of the crime scene to set the scene.

Want to include some personalized touches? Create Rodent Gazette lanyards for each of the kids. Give them the VIP treatment of a press pass that allows them entry into the party.

Fold place cards to look like green shirts and red ties. Put the names of each guests down the tie and use as name cards.

Be sure to put clues everywhere! You can put plant sticks in floral centerpieces with clues attached, on napkins, even under each plate.

A nice table centerpiece for such birthday party themes is to have a Geronimo Stilton favor box filled with spy toys and accessories especially for Spy Detective birthday party themes.

You can also create authentic looking signs and place them around the party area. Use words like; “Top Secret”, “Secret Agent”, "Do not Pass", , “Authorized Personnel Only!”, “Crime Scene, Do Not Cross!”, etc.

What to wear? Obviously the birthday child is in a green blazer with a red tie like Geronimo Stilton. Everyone else can wear detective-like goes: blazers, hats, long overcoats, etc. When each guest comes, you can give them disguises such as wigs, sunglasses, hats, coats, mustaches, rubber gloves. You can also hand out magnifying glasses and little spy notebooks. Give each guest a magnifying glass and black cover journal and pencil to record all the clues given throughout the party. You can include a little spy magnifying glass in each of the Geronimo Stilton napkins. Add binoculars, telescopes, dark spyglasses, and little handcuffs on tables for centerpieces and all around the party area.

Want a good activity idea? Make some cheese corner book marks for the Geronimo Stilton books. Fold yellow construction paper and punch holes in it to look swiss cheese.

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